B102–2007 (formerly B141–1997 Part 1), Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect without a Predefined Scope of Architect’s Services

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AIA Document B102™–2007 replaces and serves the same purpose as AIA Document B141™–1997 Part 1. AIA Document B102–2007 is a standard form of agreement between owner and architect that contains terms and conditions and compensation details. B102–2007 does not include a scope of architect’s services, which must be inserted in Article 1 or attached as an exhibit. The separation of the scope of services from the owner/architect agreement allows users the freedom to append alternative scopes of services. AIA standard form scopes of services documents that may be paired with B102–2007 include AIA Documents B203™–2007, Site Evaluation and Planning; B204™–2007, Value Analysis; B205™–2007, Historic Preservation; B206™–2007, Security Evaluation and Planning; B209™–2007, Construction Contract Administration; B210™–2007, Facility Support; B211™–2007, Commissioning; B214™–2007, LEED® Certification; B252™–2007, Architectural Interior Design; and B253™–2007, Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment Design. NOTE: B102–2007 replaces AIA Document B141–1997 (expired May 31, 2009).