2017 Speakers & Seminars



Sarah Walpert
President and Owner
Ingenium Marketing  |  Atlanta, GA
website  | www.ingenium-marketing.com

More about Sarah:
Sarah Walpert  oversees positioning, branding, communications, and strategy for Ingenium clients.  By leading the creative process, she works with designers and developers to build brands that last.  Sarah is passionate about marketing and speaks regularly at conferences and events; she also directs the Ingenium intern program.  Sarah loves engaging with crowds and always adds a touch of humor and fun to her presentations.  Prior to working at Ingenium, Sarah was the Corporate Marketing Manager for a national boutique franchise and led social media and online customer service efforts at TOMS Shoes in Los Angeles, CA.


Transcending Generation Gaps with Effective Communication

Thursday, September 7 @ 8:00 am – 9:30 am
1.5 HSW

We are in a unique situation in the A/E/C industry in which there are 4 different generations currently in the workforce.  With millennials entering leadership roles while baby boomers and the silent generation have delayed retirement, communication among the workforce is more complicated than ever before.  This session will be highly interactive, focusing on communication styles and preferences among generations.  Some prefer to send a text over an email; others dismiss any communication other than in person and phone – how should professionals communicate with one another when there is a difference of preference?


Building Your Brand: Personally and Professionally

Thursday, September 7 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Learning how to build your brand personally and professionally is critical to success for you and your firm.  This session will focus on formulating, building, and implementing the right course of action.  Learn branding techniques, presentation skills, keys to networking and the Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Yourself.  You will have the material needed to walk away with actionable and goal setting activities that will help you to thrive as a leader in the architecture & engineering industry.


Speaking with Impact: How to Create & Deliver Powerful Presentations

Friday, September 8 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Ever wonder how to make that pitch you deliver every single week sound fresh for each client? Do you have trouble reading the audience during a presentation? Are you aware of how your body language and verbal delivery can drastically change the effectiveness of a pitch? This interactive workshop focuses specifically on creating and delivering powerful presentations for those of us who know how to do it, but would like to step it up a notch. You’ll learn strategies to be professional and confident when speaking in front of both large and small groups.


Work/Life Balance for the Effective Leader

Thursday, September 9 @ 10:15 am – 12:00 pm

Work-Life balance is imperative for maximizing productivity and effectiveness among today’s leaders.  Without a proper balance, quality of work life and personal life begins to suffer and output is most certainly affected. This session teaches you what work-life balance looks like in a present day workplace, how to achieve this balance, and what the effects of your efforts are.