AIA Fellowship

About the AIA College of Fellows

The American Institute of Architects College of Fellows, founded in 1952, is composed of members of the Institute who are elected to Fellowship by a jury of their peers. Fellowship is one of the highest honors the AIA can bestow upon a member. Elevation to Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of the architect as an individual but also elevates before the public and the profession those architects who have made significant contributions to architecture and to society.

AIA Fellowship Webinar

Members of the AIA College of Fellows in Louisiana
Nathaniel S. Allen (deceased)
Douglas E. Ashe
Frederic Macnaughton Ball, Jr.
C. Errol Barron Jr.
Michael John Bell
J. Buchanan Blitch Sr. (deceased)
Ronald B. Blitch
Ralph Bodman (deceased)
Creed Walker Brierre
Joseph Myron Brocato (deceased)
William Robert Brockway (deceased)
H. Gordon Brooks II
Jesse D. Cannon, Jr.(deceased)
Edward J. Cazayoux
Junius Joseph Champeaux II (deceased)
Eugene Darwin Cizek
Christopher W. Coe
Nathaniel Cortlandt Curtis(deceased)
Nathaniel Cortlandt Curtis Jr. (deceased)
Arthur Quentin Davis (deceased)
John J. Desmond (deceased)
Steve L. Dumez
R. Allen Eskew (deceased)
W. J. Evans
William Spearing Evans
Charles Allen Favrot (deceased)
H. Mortimer Favrot, Jr. (deceased)
Arthur Feitel (deceased)
Ronald C. Filson (deceased)
William Fitzner (deceased)
Anzilla R. Gilmore
Moise H. Goldstein  (deceased)
Frank Porcher Graveley (deceased)
Lester C. Haas (deceased)
Kevin L. Harris
W. S. Hull (deceased)
Edward V. Kemp (deceased)
Judith A. Kinnard
Richard Koch (deceased)
Norman L. Koonce (deceased)
Samuel S. Labouisse (deceased)
Robert G. Larsen
John William Lawrence (deceased)
Tracy Lea

Denvrich C. LeBreton (deceased)
Lee Ledbetter
C. A. Leffingwell (deceased)
Mark Perrin Lowrey (deceased)
Stephen P. Maher
William Raymond Manning
Murvan Morris Maxwell (deceased)
Ursula Emery McClure
E. Eean McNaughton Jr (deceased)
Jesse Oron Morgan Jr. (deceased)
Edward Fairfax Neild (deceased)
Angela O’Byrne
Paul Murff O’Neal Jr. (deceased)
Allison Owen (deceased)
Frederick Duncan Parham (deceased)
David Layne Perkins (deceased)
Edward G. Petrazio (deceased)
Raymond G. Post Jr
Trula Haley Remson
Mark Ripple
Sol Rosenthal (deceased)
Kenneth A. Schwartz
Charles E. Schwing
Solis Seiferth (deceased)
Howard Charles Sherman
T. Clayton Smith (deceased)
Z.E. Smith
G. Scott Smitherman (deceased)
Dewey Anderson Somdal(deceased)
Thomas Sully (deceased)
Albert Toledano (deceased)
L. Azeo Torre
Victor F. Trahan III
Peter M. Trapolin
Wayne J. Troyer (deceased)
William Kay Turner (deceased)
Joseph David Waggonner, III
James R. Washington, Jr. (deceased)
John L. Webb (deceased)
Samuel G. Wiener (deceased)
William Benjamin Wiener (deceased)
David Reichard Williams (deceased)
W. Floyd Williamson Jr. (deceased)
Sam Wilson Jr. (deceased)