AIA Louisiana PAC Contributors



GOLD LEVEL ($500 and up) GOLD LEVEL ($500 AND UP)

ACSW Architects 
AIA Shreveport







AIA South Louisiana
AIA Shreveport
AIA Southwest Louisiana
Darby Clarke, AIA
Fusion Architects, APC
Gossen-Holloway-Cortez Architects
Kern Architects
Kudla Architecture
MBSB Group
Mougeot Architecture
Plus One design + construction
Ritter Maher Architects

…. ….
SILVER LEVEL ($250 – $499). SILVER LEVEL ($250 – $499).


Chase Marshall Architects
Justin P. Cortez, AIA
Todd Mann, AIA
WHLC Architecture
Brandon Yan-Hamby, AIA

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BRONZE LEVEL ($50 – $249) BRONZE LEVEL ($50 – $249)

Christopher M. Haslitt, AIA

AIA New Orleans
Benjamin Bradford, AIA
Rex Cabaniss, AIA
John L. “Jay” Chase, Jr., AIA
Alyce Howe Dietz, AIA
Evan Dowden, AIA
Mischa Farrell, AIA
Sarah Gravois, AIA
Lynn C. Guidry, AIA
Christopher M. Haslitt, AIA
Mark Heck, AIA
Amber Howell
Knobbie Langlinais, AIA
Whitney Lejeune, AIA
A M Liles Architect
Kristopher Linzay, AIA
Post Architects
Marvin “Buddy” Ragland, AIA
Jason Richards, AIA
Shannon Robertson, Executive Director, AIA Baton Rouge
Jonathan Taylor, AIA
Russell Trahan, AIA
Shawn Viator, AIA