AIA Contract Document Series

AIA Contract Documents are divided into six alphanumeric series by document use or purpose. Follow links in the table for synopses of documents in each series. Users should exercise independent judgment and may require the advice of legal counsel on deciding which documents are appropriate for a particular project.
A-Series Owner/Contractor
A101, A101SP, A102, A103, A105, A107, A121, A132, A132SP, A133, A133SP, A134, A134SP, A141, A142, A151, A195, A201, A201SP, A221, A232, A232SP, A251, A295, A305, A310, A312, A401, A401SP, A441, A503, A521, A533, A701 and A751
B-Series Owner/Architect
B101, B101SP, B102, B103, B103SP, B104, B105, B106, B107, B108, B109, B121, B132, B132SP, B133, B142, B143, B144ARCH-CM, B152, B153, B161, B162, B171, B172, B195, B201, B202, B203, B204, B205, B206, B207, B209, B210, B211, B212, B214, B221, B252, B253, B305, B503 and B509
C-Series Other Agreements C101, C106, C132, C132SP, C141, C171, C172, C191, C195, C196, C197, C198, C199, C401, C401SP, C421, C422, C441 and C727
D-Series Miscellaneous Documents D101, D200 and D503
E-Series Exhibits E201, E202 and E203
F-Series [reserved]
G-Series Contract Administration and Project Management Forms G201, G202, G601, G602, G612, G701, G701S, G701CMa, G702, G702S, G703, G703S, G704, G704CMa, G704DB, G705, G706, G706A, G707, G707A, G709, G710, G711, G712, G714, G714CMa, G715, G716, G732, G736, G737, G744, G801, G802, G803, G804, G806, G807, G808, G809 and G810

For questions about the content of specific documents, which document to use, or how to complete a document, call (202) 626-7526 or contact Also visit the AIA Contract Documents Knowledge Base, which answers some 500 questions about purchasing documents, using AIA Contract Documents® software, and selecting and understanding AIA documents and forms.

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