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The Louisiana Architectural Foundation is a non-profit corporation formed in 1996. The Foundation works to advance Architecture in Louisiana by serving as a link between the public and the architectural profession. This linkage includes public awareness of Architecture, public support for Architecture, and public participation in processes that shape the environment.

Grants are available for a wide variety of programs that promote architecture in Louisiana. The Foundation is educationally oriented. The following types of programs will be considered for grant assistance.

  • Books, pamphlets, brochures
  • Museum programs
  • Conferences
  • Historic preservation
  • Television/radio programs
  • Public forums
  • In-school architectural programs
  • Architectural programs delivered to the general public

If awarded a grant, the applicant must properly credit the Foundation in announcements and publications, and deliver copies of the publications, materials, etc. in both digital and printed format as agreed in the terms of the grant.

Also, the applicant must submit a close-out report 60 days upon completion of the project detailing how funds were used and the public value or benefits gained. Grant applicants must complete this form. Attach additional sheets as necessary to completely describe the program. Include estimated expenses and other available funding sources.

Application deadline is September 1.

Proposals should be submitted to:
Louisiana Architectural Foundation
521 America Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802