Member Fees 2017

ARCHITECTS                                                                          ASSOCIATE ARCHITECTS
(licensed architects apply to this category)                                 (Interns apply to this category)

AIA National

Architect $265.00Associate  $114.00

AIA Louisiana
1st Year: $70.00 (does not apply to reinstating  members) $70.00
2nd Year: $80.00 (does not apply to reinstating members)
Thereafter: $90.00
Full-time Faculty of a Louisiana School of Architecture  $50.00



AIA Baton Rouge

Architect  $155.00Associate  $58.00


AIA Central Louisiana

Architect  $50.00Associate  $25.00


AIA Louisiana Coastal

Architect  $125.00Associate  $75.00


AIA Monroe

Architect  $35.00Associate  $25.00


AIA New Orleans

Architect  $235.00New Grad (Years 1 & 2)  $0
Reinstate (1st year)  $235.00Reinstate (1st year)  $50.00
Upgrade  $50.00Year 2  $50.00
Years 3 & 4  $75.00
Years 5 & 6  $125.00
Years 7+  $235.00
International Associate  $169.00

AIA Shreveport

Architect  $138.00Associate  $110.00

AIA South Louisiana

Architect  $130.00Associate  $100.00

AIA Southwest Louisiana

Architect  $130.00 Associate  $130.00


AIA members who are principals of firms engaged in the practice of architecture shall pay, in addition to their membership fees, SUPPLEMENTAL DUES in the sum of $140 per year for each person employed in its office, including principals, juniors, and all employees.