President’s Message 2019

Jesse D. Cannon, Jr., FAIA
2019 AIA Louisiana President

I look forward to leading AIA Louisiana in its 76th year as its President in 2019.  Building on the accomplishments of 2018, we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of AIA Louisiana, honored several of our members with hard earned and well deserved design and achievement awards, and created a momentum of service in our Association and our membership that can continue easily into 2019.

To ensure that we move forward, my theme in 2019 is “LEADERSHIP, SERVICE, & RESULTS.” I see this as translating to individual and collective commitment and leadership at the Board level, the Chapter level, and to those who become inspired and motivated to make AIA LA better as an organization for its members. We have a chance to prepare for and reflect on the type of future we want for our organization and profession.  We must, and we will, make the most of this opportunity in 2019.  Just as we constantly search for innovative solutions to design issues, we must apply that same thoughtfulness and care to the long-term vitality and prosperity of AIA LA.  We do this for ourselves and our profession.

Therefore, I am asking for input from AIA LA members concerning services they believe are needed from AIA LA that they are not currently receiving.  The services should create added value for AIA LA members overall.  Be sure to provide adequate background service and how there is value for AIA LA.  Also, if organizational and/or operational changes are needed that will make AIA LA a better organization for its members, those should be identified as well.  Forward suggestions to AIA LA staff for an initial review and applicability.   The AIA LA Board will then make a determination if the suggestions are appropriate for the “good of the order.”

I ask all of our more than 1,100 members to join me on this journey in 2019.  What we accomplish can be reflective of our joint efforts that can be summed up by an inspiring quote from a fellow FAIA member:  “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Jesse Cannon, Architect, FAIA
President, AIA Louisiana 2019