Celebrating Architecture: Hays Town Exhibit

A. Hays Town Reception 2015

At the opening reception for the old state capitol’s exhibit, ‘The Enduring Architect of A. Hays Town,’ are, from left, photographer Philip Gould, Louisiana Chapter AIA President Lisa H. Nice, Secretary of State Tom Schedler and author Cyril Vetter.




At the Old State Capitol, an opening reception, sponsored by the Louisiana Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, was held for the latest exhibit, “The Enduring Architecture of A. Hays Town.” The exhibit examines A. Hays Town’s architectural hallmarks and features photos by Philip Gould from Cyril Vetter’s book of the same name, as well as personal items on loan from Town’s family and local architect Kevin Harris. On hand for the reception were Gould, Vetter, secretary of State Tom Schedler and Louisiana Chapter AIA President Lisa H. Nice.

The exhibit will remain on display until September, 5, 2015. Louisiana’s Old State Capitol is located at 100 North Blvd in downtown Baton Rouge. Open Tues-Sat. 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; free admission.

A. Hays Town is one of the South’s most beloved and iconic architects.  He didn’t have just one career during his nearly eighty years as an architect but two—he was a mid-century modernist architect known throughout the Gulf Coast for his commercial projects, and he was a residential architect who embraced traditional features and the vernacular styles of South Louisiana.  In particular, he gave Baton Rouge a unique architectural identity, and helped to bring about a new style in the region called Louisiana Colonial Revival.  By the end of his career, he had designed more than 1,000 buildings in Louisiana and across the South.