Louisiana State Licensing Advisory Vacancy


April 26, 2017

– The Louisiana State Board of Architectural Examiners is seeking an individual willing to volunteer his or her time and talents to serve Louisiana’s architectural profession as the State Licensing Advisor.  This state program is part of a national program of NCARB and AIA.

The State Licensing Advisor is appointed by the Louisiana State Board of Architectural Examiners, from nominations and applications received from individuals or AIA components, for a term established by the Board. It is important to note that the Board retains the right to terminate the appointment at any time the appointee is unable to  perform or is found to be unsatisfactorily carrying out the position’s responsibilities and duties.  Additionally, the Board provides the State Licensing Advisor with an allowance to cover expenses such as postage, social media, telephone, clerical and travel.

  • Maintain familiarity with state registration requirements and examination application procedures.
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of licensure requirements, objectives and resources, including changes to AXP and ARE.
  • Attend LSBAE meetings to report on licensure activities.
  • Prepare articles on AXP and ARE for AIA/LA and LSBAE newsletters.
  • Communicate and collaborate with professional support networks (NCARB, AIAS chapters, local and national AIA components, YAF and NAC) to strengthen awareness of the required components of licensure and its importance among licensure candidates
    • Facilitate annual meeting among LA AXP educator coordinators, member Board liaison, AIAS chapter presidents, and AIALA associate board member.
  • Facilitate the distribution of program information to LA licensure candidates and other stakeholders.
  • Communicate and collaborate with faculty from the four NAAB accredited schools of architecture in LA.
    • Make at least one presentation annually at each school of architecture within the state utilizing the educator coordinator, student coordinator and LSBAE Board member in the presentation, if appropriate.
  • Assist state and local AIA components and intern groups in developing activities directed towards an individual’s completion of the Architectural Experience Program.
  • Promote a positive image for AXP through a unified message that utilizes a standard terminology to clearly articulate its benefits.
  • Promote LA AXP activities at the National, Regional and State level.
  • Develop and make AXP presentations at architectural firms that explain AXP guidelines and the benefits gained by a firm’s active participation.
  • Attend and represent Louisiana at the annual Licensing Advisors Summit, (July 28-29, 2017).
  • Organize and plan a Louisiana Licensure Forum that is co-funded by LSBAE and AIA Typically, these have taken place once every other year in January/ February timeframe.

9625 Fenway Avenue, Suite B * Baton Rouge, LA 70810 * 225-925-4802 * bd@lsbae.com