LSBAE-logoPosition: Executive Director

Starting Date: July 1, 2016, or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible.

Board Description: The Louisiana State Board of Architectural Examiners (“LSBAE” or “Board”) is searching for a self-motivated and high performing Executive Director to oversee and administer its operations. The LSBAE is a state agency charged with the registration of architects and the regulation of the practice of architecture in Louisiana. The Board held its first meeting in 1910. During the past one hundred six (106) years, the LSBAE has served in the public interest of protecting the safety of life, health and property through enforcing the laws and rules governing the practice of architecture in the State of Louisiana. The mission of the LSBAE is to serve the interest of the citizens of Louisiana by safeguarding life, health, and property, and promoting the public welfare. The practice of architecture in Louisiana is reserved to those persons who have the proper qualifications and been registered by the Board. The Board registers three thousand three hundred twenty-five (3,325) architects, and nine hundred sixty (960) architectural firms. Its office is located at 9625 Fenway Avenue, Suite B, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where it currently employs three (3) full-time employees and a part-time investigator.

Responsibilities: The Executive Director performs highly advanced (senior-level) policy administration and managerial work directing the statewide program for enforcement of the laws relating to the architectural profession, La. R.S. Title 37, Chapter 3. The Executive Director collaborates with a high degree of independence and extensive latitude allowing for initiative and independent judgment. The Executive Director is responsible for implementing and assessing programs effectively to administer the rulings of the Board per the licensing law and its rules. The Executive Director reports to the Board and is responsible on a daily basis for the consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives including administering and enforcing the laws and rules governing the practice of architecture in Louisiana. The Executive Director manages Board policies and opinions; directing and coordinating investigations of licensees; advising and consulting the Board regarding budgetary matters, analyzing and monitoring pending legislation; processing violations of law; managing staff, and evaluating licensing procedures. Examples of duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Serving as adviser and consultant to the Board.
2. Planning and organizing Board meetings.
3. Responding to questions and requests for information from licensees.
4. Overseeing all licensing activities.
5. Directing staff by assigning duties, evaluating work performance, and instructing in work methods; responsible for hiring of staff and certain contract employees.
6. Supervise continuing education and the Board’s audit process; author letters to registrants when clarification is needed or hours are disallowed by Board members.
7. Assisting in the preparation and presentation of proposed legislation; monitoring legislation of interest to the Board and coordinating with the Board, Louisiana AIA and others, as needed.
8. Overall accounting responsibility for developing the Board budget for approval of the Board and recording and managing Board revenues, expenditures, and purchasing.
9. Directing and coordinating elections of the architectural members of the Architects Selection Board.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, those specific and detailed job functions assigned by the Board, as generally described below.

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